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Company Profile

PRESTIGes Ltd. Elite Travel Salon was organized in July 2008.It is a private tourist company.

The main activity of PRESTIGes is organisation of VIP- and individual tours, there is also Business Travel & MICE department. PRESTIGes collaborates both with direct clients and agencies-suppliers of VIP- clientele.
The both sources are the same important for the company. Besides, the company deals with the enterprises, companies and corporate clients.

PRESTIGes has high-professional staff having rich experience in VIP- & F.I.T. sales, some of the staff is involved in tourism more than 17 years including the General Director possessing the ‘know-how’ of this segment and knowing the psychology of VIP-clientele.

The portfolio of sales of PRESTIGes includes around 130 destinations such as Europe, North and South America, the Caribbean islands, Africa, the islands of the Indian Ocean, Australia, New Zealand, Far and Middle East, Asia etc.

PRESTIGes is strong in organizing ‘all across the Globe’ tours, complicated combined itineraries, wedding events, tours to the ski-resorts including Colorado, rent of private-jets, yachts, villas and castles, fly & drive tours, elite tuition courses abroad, exclusive’ tours by scenario’ etc.

The priority of PRESTIGes’ activities lies in the Elite Travel sphere.
The company has strong co-operation and straight contracts with the best hotel-chains, owners of small luxury hotels and villas, owners and brokers of private- jets, yachts etc. PRESTIGes has agreements with the international reservation-systems and air-companies.

PRESTIGes company’s office has a nice location in the very ‘heart’ of Moscow - just 100 m walk from the Red Square and the Kremlin. The office was completely renovated in 2008.

PRESTIGes has web-site www.prestigesalon.ru where ‘The best of the best’ of the world tourist product is featured including luxury properties, VIP-transportation, amazing tours end adrenalin and unusual excursions. 

The motto of PRESTIGes says:“TRAVELLING FINE.TRAVELLINING IN STYLE” the essence of which reflects The High Art of Travel.

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